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Capacity Building & Technical Assistance

Capacity Building Assistance is Available 

Capacity building refers to a process to increase the skills, infrastructure, and resources of individuals, organizations and communities. Capacity building is a key strategy for the promotion, delivery and sustainability of HIV prevention programs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers free (not for fee) Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) for HIV Prevention Programs. CDC-supported CBA includes: training, technical assistance (TA), and technology transfer to individuals, organizations and communities. CBA services do not include the direct delivery of HIV prevention services, but may include on-going mentorship. 

CBA Tracking System (CTS) Screen Capture

CBA Tracking System (CTS)

The Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) Tracking System (CTS) is a web-based application that allows CDC-funded and other organizations to request CBA services. It also serves as a tool to monitor, track, and follow-up on CBA Requests. A user ID and password are required to access this CDC-sponsored web application.

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Capacity Building Branch (CBB)

The mission of Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention's Capacity Building Branch (CBB) is to improve the performance of the HIV prevention workforce by increasing the knowledge, skills, technology, and infrastructure to implement and sustain science-based, culturally appropriate HIV prevention interventions and strategies. 

Under PS19-1904, CBB funds and oversees a network of CBA providers that assist in building the capacity of CDC funding recipients — state and local health departments, community-based organizations, and healthcare organizations — to improve HIV prevention programs. 

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CBA Provider Network (CPN)

The Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) Provider Network (CPN) is the group of organizations funded under PS19-1904 to provide free CBA services (i.e., information, training, and technical assistance) to health departments, community-based organizations, and healthcare organizations to support their implementation of high-impact HIV prevention initiatives. 

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