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Core Elements and Fact Sheet 

About Social Network Strategy for HIV Testing Recruitment

Social Network Strategy (SNS) for HIV Testing Recruitment is an evidence supported approach to engaging and motivating a person to accept a service. SNS is particularly useful to recruit persons at risk for HIV into testing.  

SNS is based on the underlying principles that people in the same social network share the same risks and risk behaviors for HIV. In addition, people in the same social network know and trust each other and can exert influence on each other. The approach to SNS includes identifying clients or peers who are HIV positive or at high risk for HIV, and enlist them to become Recruiters. Recruiters are short-term, unlike peer advocates or peer educators, and require coaching, rather than training and supervision. The Recruiters identify their Network Associates. Network Associates are people in their social networks (e.g., friends, sex or drug partners, family members, etc.) who may be at risk for HIV. Typically, Recruiters identify Network Associates whom they believe would benefit from HIV testing. The Recruiters then talk with the Network Associates they identified, and refer or accompany them to HIV testing.

Intervention/Strategy Core Elements*: 

  • Recruiter Enlistment
  • Engagement
  • Recruitment of Network Associates
  • HIV Testing

*Core elements are the characteristics of an individual intervention presumed to be responsible for the efficacy of the intervention.

Additional Information

  • SNS Fact Sheet (Coming Soon)


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