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Essential Elements

About Condom Distribution

Condom distribution programs can be cost-effective structural interventions that provide communities with resources needed to prevent the spread of HIV. Making condoms widely available is integral to successful HIV prevention. Condom distribution programs can increase condom availability, accessibility, and acceptability availability and use among a wide range of populations, including youth and adult males, commercial sex workers, and those who engage in risky sexual activities.

Essential elements of a condom distribution program:

  • Provide condoms free of charge.
  • Conduct wide-scale distribution.
  • Implement a social marketing campaign to promote condom use.
  • Conduct promotion and distribution activities at the individual, organizational, and environmental levels.
  • Target individuals, venues, and communities with high levels of risk.
  • Supplement the condom distribution program with more intense risk reduction interventions and services.
  • Integrate distribution program activities within other community-level interventions.
  • Establish organizational support for condom distribution and promotion activities.
  • Conduct community-wide mobilization efforts.

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